Monday, May 17, 2010

Guy4game Power Leveling Review from a thsale customer

I've only really joined the Guy4game to comment on my experience with Player Assist and guy4game knows if that is actually who I'm speak to on live chat and via my daily email updates but at least guy4game speaks perfect English..

Anyway I used THSALE once, and they put me off for life, well nearly, I'm not going to recount the woes of that experience but anyway I saw some positive reviews for guy4game on here , I just don't have the time any more to level , especially as it's my 4th level 80 so I took the risk and got them to level a char for me just 10 levels.

I'm not going to mention what class or server or anything, it seems stupid to give Blizz any details I don't need to but I have to say these guys were beyond excellent.

They told me 7 days to do the levelling and they did it in 6, I got daily updates from them and each day they managed about 1.5- 2 levels. Guy4game Powerleveler didnt' stay on 24/7 so it looked natural, my char is kitted out in quest rewards and instance gear , my reputation levels have all gone up, one from friendly to rev, I even have some quartermaster pieces on from rep, my trade skills, one collection skill anyway has been organically levelled as they levelled the char.

I have all the stuff they gathered from the trade skill in the bank, even my talent points are spot on for the class, apparently a guy called "matt" did mine, no idea again if that's real but who cares, all I know is he did one hell of a job.

This is beyond power levelling it's basically a proper wow player playing your char naturally.Thank you Guy4game

What I also liked is he kept all the drops of non soulbound items in my bags as they could be used by my class if I changes spec, the guy who did my char really understood what my class is about.

I do strangely also have some soulbound items in my bags which I could not wear which I guess I could just vendor , not sure why they didn't do that but I'm happy as I get more gold , oh and also I had other 1,500 gold more than when I gave them the char.

Perfect basically, I'm still stunned and pleased at how well it's all done.

Now I am just praying I don't get bloody banned but if those freaks at thsale can bot my char with some crappy chinese IP and i survived then I can't see these guys being a problem.

I will report back if anyhing awful happens.

I cant' speak for any other power levelling service, some might be brilliant but my first experience was awful, these guys were amazing, I also should mention I don't know if I just got lucky and Matt was the best leveller they have, but he massively over delivered, even levelling my trade skills for me as they levelled the char and did not charge me extra.

Credit where credit is due...

Yes, horribly expensive guy4game, I nearly fell of my chair at the price, but I guess you get what you pay for .

Was worth it to me and I would use Guy4game Powerleveling again in a heart beat.

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