Monday, May 31, 2010

Is Guy4game legit site for mmo service?

Is Guy4game legit site for mmo service?

Is Guy4game legit site for mmo service?
It seems like every gold selling site is a scam. I dont care about the lowest rates. I just want to know who can deliver my WOW gold within 24 hours asap. I went thru a company called susanexpress. Its been 24 hours and the live chat is starting to look the same as alot of the scam dialogue. Im just looking for a legit site. Any recommendations?

I've bought from guy4game recently with a 20 minute delivery time (make sure you check stock level with server with the live chat first).
ligit site and guy4game safe
Best thing to do is go with one recommended seller first, if all falls thru then claim back off paypal and go with another.yes, guy4game is legit site and safe place to buy wow gold

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chris said...

Absolutely the worst service i have ever had.DO NOT BUY OR SELL TO THEM. bought gold from them for one account after selling my other account to them, never received the gold and after 5 days of fighting with there terrible customer service they gave me half of what i was offered for the account. Worst, and i mean worst customer service and there about as disrespectful as can be.

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