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Is Guy4game legit site for mmo service?

Is Guy4game legit site for mmo service?

Is Guy4game legit site for mmo service?
It seems like every gold selling site is a scam. I dont care about the lowest rates. I just want to know who can deliver my WOW gold within 24 hours asap. I went thru a company called susanexpress. Its been 24 hours and the live chat is starting to look the same as alot of the scam dialogue. Im just looking for a legit site. Any recommendations?

I've bought from guy4game recently with a 20 minute delivery time (make sure you check stock level with server with the live chat first).
ligit site and guy4game safe
Best thing to do is go with one recommended seller first, if all falls thru then claim back off paypal and go with another.yes, guy4game is legit site and safe place to buy wow gold

Would get banned if I use Guy4game?

Guy4game Safe Question:
Buy wow gold from guy4game?
have any of you been caught by blizzard or gotten hacked from buying gold on guy4game?


I have not had any action taken against my world of warcraft account, nor been hacked. I have bought gold from guy4game multiple times over a 1.5 year span. This does not mean account action is impossible, just listing my experience.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Your comprehensive and independent Guy4game reviews

Your comprehensive and independent guy4game reviews

Buy from Guy4game


Guy4game immediately on a small office home office concept in 2001, they began work in a very simple business model, sales from Diablo 2.

With more experience and extensive customer base, they realized the great potential of the industry. World of Warcraft the most popular online game production and the two leaders (Group MySuperSales) collapse, they are immediately integrated Guy4game the end of 2004 Limited and the industry leader among his own position. They got 300,000 customers worldwide, and more than 70 large-scale multiplayer online game services in securities. If you choose to read their "about us", you will find they are honest, and absolutely no secret.

Year after year, they continue to provide an impressive selection of games, excellent customer service and an outstanding website. This sounds simple, but if you want to remember them more than 70 titles of many services is a considerable success.

As the big, fast, competitive and customer-centric service and maintenance, and providing they do not have a market leader in one of the real questions.


Despite the considerable number of their website features games, they managed to maintain a clean and attractive website. This is really easy to navigate and find what you want. It is also very quickly if you can find the site interesting, what services they provide. Its shape and internal links coupled with remarkable clarity, quality, making it the choice of site to provide as many services are provided. This interface allows you to find in the country, or what your search game currency. Their search engine is also very active.

Some of their web site guy4game one of the weaknesses is the lack of purchase orders quickly browse button to the game boring.

AA very professional website, which is very useful, but I have time to download really cool.


Excellent customer service: Guy4game immediately provide telephone support, online chat, email and an amazing whole FAQ.

This may sound silly, but from such a large company, covering so many products is a unique achievement in a relatively new market. After less than a minute of waiting time, you will be directed to a fluent English speaking staff who chat online.

They also provide a free hotline work. He cited the "Contact Us":

Phone Guy4game immediately

As you may note in the comments of others, you can also check online the most complaints, and reviewed the map provided, it is surprising that so few negative reports Guy4game immediately. We could not find their customer service topics. Only 3 days to develop a fair and reasonable response, food price report website. Guy4game immediately one of them. They try to maintain their social image and cleaning work to resolve any issues arising from the order.

Their common problem is that the best reading. Its readability is fantastic, it is very easy to find anything.

Guy4game once the market is still a minority leader is in charge of a fee, 1.

Press and release the network

Internet publishing

Guy4game safe immediately is a website in the ratings of the most important MMORPG services company there. Yes, we have examined all, has been done on this issue to ensure that there is useful content, and updated regularly.

The BizRate rating

Alexa ranking

The PageRank


Alexa website statistics Certification

The PageRank


Here is their plan in the competition. (Statistics Panel United States)

Guy4game competition immediately

Network monitoring, complaints and advice torn off, on-line version

They and their customers a few questions.



In Guy4game, you can buy 70 of the MMORPG games and CD from the 14 key / game equilibrium of power over 50 currencies. These figures make the game and website support. Surprisingly, they also accurate information for each game service.


We know this has been partially solved, but it is important to emphasize that they provide another "friendly" site. Even if you are not English, or at least not familiar with reading in English to facilitate their navigation systems will be of great help. A very small number of sites who manage to make their work better (such as the Group) the use of simple words (such as "Buy" and not "add to cart") and navigation links and good shape.

First, you must select the game, then the server and the end of the service (Powerleveling, CD keys, money, etc.). They offer three delivery methods: face mail and Pima (put in my account) to the surface. Basically, you can email a gold medal in the game negotiations or to let them know your password and login name and their gold deposits.

Once again, we remind you that the choice of the system is very dangerous I ester even the most reliable company. We strongly recommend that you do not use a master account to pay a lot for your time and energy. Remember, they can crack, purchase, removal, and so on. We are very confident this company, but remember, this is really new industry and its history shows that it is unstable.

You can also choose delivery time and tell them how much time you connect.

They offer an incredible number of ways to pay, you will find you some useful things. You will be able to change the currency, even in the checkout page. An e-mail will be sent your order, verify confirm purchase, give you the details of the transfer process.

Guy4game immediately provide a true virtual currency to buy the best in the world.


When you register Guy4game immediately, your purchase records, will be eligible for a discount. You can receive a 6% discount storewide.

They also have many activities and promotions.

Discount system


Competitive prices and customer response to this positive theme. They may not be the cheapest, but their service is exceptional.


Distribution system, which is very well documented, provides a delivery within 30 minutes, or even a small amount to 4 pm in the mail system and the Council design hour event. Guy4game immediately to ensure 48 hours of delivery.

"Guy4game immediately canceled because of the following command:

The information provided is incomplete or invalid.

The parties can not check out.

We are aware of an unauthorized charge.

We can not adjust.

Customer requests to cancel the order. "

If anything is going to make transactions too long, we have provided a temporary refund. (It may take 48 hours, depending on your bank) and there are no reason for guy4game banned your accounts

When you complete and validated, you will receive a confirmation email to complete the details of orders depends on the type of service you choose. New customer verification process must be by phone to answer the phone a few questions (what you said to buy the form and payment data)

Guy4game will immediately notify you at any time throughout the process, so you think you are very important, even if they pay for.

Our testing shows that they provide an excellent service, delivery times are not lying (it even faster)

Feature set

Frequently Asked Questions

Their common problem is an illusion. You will find everything you need inside.


If there is a delivery issue, 100% refund.


They provide a decent communications


Guy4game immediately provide many games frequently updated promotions. We will notify you at any time. These cuts are very good (30%)


This is a relief to see so many different websites selling services. Point of our site is to help you choose the right web site according to your conditions. For the present we do not even write all the sites, we tested about 350 (review) that we will in the future, but we do not want to confuse the water until the all clear. We know that price. Therefore, we decided to this site, but we also know that service and reliability is very important that you most. They may not be the most expensive, but at least they are honest, you will get what you want.

They are very professional, efficient, clean, place to provide special services is difficult to find a suitable location and reliable in many games. For all these reasons, we urge you to consult this site. We will do our best to continue to focus their promotional activities, because they are very competitive, even in the game.


Their site is getting better and better. They have added many new features, most recently, to continue to provide the latest of the greatest online games information website. One of the best content.

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Guy4game Power Leveling Review from a thsale customer

I've only really joined the Guy4game to comment on my experience with Player Assist and guy4game knows if that is actually who I'm speak to on live chat and via my daily email updates but at least guy4game speaks perfect English..

Anyway I used THSALE once, and they put me off for life, well nearly, I'm not going to recount the woes of that experience but anyway I saw some positive reviews for guy4game on here , I just don't have the time any more to level , especially as it's my 4th level 80 so I took the risk and got them to level a char for me just 10 levels.

I'm not going to mention what class or server or anything, it seems stupid to give Blizz any details I don't need to but I have to say these guys were beyond excellent.

They told me 7 days to do the levelling and they did it in 6, I got daily updates from them and each day they managed about 1.5- 2 levels. Guy4game Powerleveler didnt' stay on 24/7 so it looked natural, my char is kitted out in quest rewards and instance gear , my reputation levels have all gone up, one from friendly to rev, I even have some quartermaster pieces on from rep, my trade skills, one collection skill anyway has been organically levelled as they levelled the char.

I have all the stuff they gathered from the trade skill in the bank, even my talent points are spot on for the class, apparently a guy called "matt" did mine, no idea again if that's real but who cares, all I know is he did one hell of a job.

This is beyond power levelling it's basically a proper wow player playing your char naturally.Thank you Guy4game

What I also liked is he kept all the drops of non soulbound items in my bags as they could be used by my class if I changes spec, the guy who did my char really understood what my class is about.

I do strangely also have some soulbound items in my bags which I could not wear which I guess I could just vendor , not sure why they didn't do that but I'm happy as I get more gold , oh and also I had other 1,500 gold more than when I gave them the char.

Perfect basically, I'm still stunned and pleased at how well it's all done.

Now I am just praying I don't get bloody banned but if those freaks at thsale can bot my char with some crappy chinese IP and i survived then I can't see these guys being a problem.

I will report back if anyhing awful happens.

I cant' speak for any other power levelling service, some might be brilliant but my first experience was awful, these guys were amazing, I also should mention I don't know if I just got lucky and Matt was the best leveller they have, but he massively over delivered, even levelling my trade skills for me as they levelled the char and did not charge me extra.

Credit where credit is due...

Yes, horribly expensive guy4game, I nearly fell of my chair at the price, but I guess you get what you pay for .

Was worth it to me and I would use Guy4game Powerleveling again in a heart beat.